The Alpacas

From Paddock to Garment

Above are some of our alpacas.  Before the alpaca fleece can be spun it must be cleaned of all the vegetable matter and dust (alpacas love a dust bath) and prepared, either carded or combed. The silkworms hatch & produce silk from November to March. The silk is added to the processed alpaca fleece to provide additional colour highlights, texture and lustre. Beautiful fibres combine to create pure luxury.

Once the fibre is spun, weaving can begin. “It is always a joy to explore how the colours and textures play out.” Hand woven alpaca and silk fabric drapes beautifully and lends itself to ‘low sew’ eye-catching shapes, which are fitted and finished by hand.

Garment care

Hand spun, hand woven garments – gentle hand wash with a wool wash (or hair shampoo), wring well in a towel to remove excess water and either line dry or dry flat. When almost dry, press with a steam iron – lift the iron & press it down on the fabric, never ‘slide’ an iron across delicate fabrics.

About the fleece

Alpaca fibre is light weight and warm, and does not crease easily. It is perfect for travel garments and great when combined with silk for any climate, from Cygnet to Noosa, Paris to New York, LA to Thailand.

Made to order

Commissioned items are a delight to make. If you have something in mind, allow plenty of time for consultation around the idea, design, measurement, yarn preparation and weaving to produce a special one-of-a-kind item.